Precision Felling Techniques and Working the Plan — International Society of Arboriculture

Precision Felling Techniques and Working the Plan (#CC 04)

Rip Tompkins 1
  1. ArborMaster, Little Compton, RI, United States

Whether felling a whole tree or a tree trunk, getting the job done safely in a controlled manner is imperative. For those of us working in the urban environment removing trees there are numerous hazards and obstacles we need to avoid to be successful. Unfortunately there are too many accidents (unplanned events) that occur when felling trees, causing injuries and damage to property. Using a felling plan and working through that plan will greatly reduce the number of unplanned events (accidents).

  In this presentation we will look at the history of cutting techniques used to fell trees. We will examine the functions of the face notch, back cut and most importantly the hinge. We will explore how different types of cuts can be used in different situations to improve control and safety. The use of the 5-step felling plan will be introduced as a means of reducing accidents and improving results. Understanding different types of wood fiber and the function of the hinge are critical to the decision making process. We will also discuss the proper use of pull lines in a felling operation. This presentation will create a good foundation of knowledge for tree cutters in today’s urban setting.