Optimizing Biomechanics of the Production Arborist — International Society of Arboriculture

Optimizing Biomechanics of the Production Arborist (#CC 10)

Amanda Carpenter 1 , Edgar Carpenter 1
  1. CorErgonomic Solutions, Douglas, MA, United States

The tree worker in conducting a pre-job hazard survey evaluates tree biomechanics. Tree biomechanics can be influenced by cracked limbs, hollow trunks, and decaying root systems and are red flags to the tree worker indicating the tree may be unsafe or unstable. Pain, tingling, weakness and cramping are indicators that the tree worker’s musculoskeletal system has been compromised, altering the biomechanics of the worker and increasing the risk of an injury.  This talk will focus on the tree worker’s biomechanics and common abnormalities seen in the industrial athlete.

Optimizing the tree worker’s biomechanics can increase productivity and reduce injury risk. Demonstration and instruction in basic exercises and stretches to enhance the biomechanics of the tree worker will be included.