Killer Trees and Negligence — International Society of Arboriculture

Killer Trees and Negligence (#TA 1)

Joe R Samnik 1 , Christopher Luley 2 , Theordore Karatinos 3
  1. SAMNIK&BALLARD, LLC, Palm Harbor, FLORI, United States
  2. Urban Forestry LLC- Naples, Naples, New York, United States
  3. Holliday,Bomhoff & Karatinos,PL, Lutz, Florida, United States

Trees and litigation have become a significantly critical component of our industry. There are no longer accidents; only negligence, and how to manage the crisis in the after situation of being named as a litigant. This presentation will explore how to best avoid being named as a litigant in the first place, by examining the concepts and applications of tree law and the misconception regarding perceived tree risk assessment of the discrepancies and significant gaps in knowledge that exist at each level of biology, standards and assessment/maintenance.