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Chihuaha Mexico Reforestation Example (#42)

Carlos Alanis Von Der Meden

Chihuahua City,was devastated by the worst cold front in 100 years,temperature dropped down to -5 F for 72 hours and Killed 60,000 Urban Trees on Feb 5, 6 and 7 in 2011, most of the dead trees were Eucalyptus, Casuarine and Washingtonia Palm.

Many trees were 10-15 meters tall and 30/50 years old and 15-20" diameter.It took two years to remove and dispose them.Trees that resist the cold blast were mainly Oaks,Ash and Eldarica Pine

The city was founded 200 years ago, in a valley at 1,600 mts elevation(Mile high) surrounded by hills and mountains with Native Oaks, growing elsewhere,unfortunately.they were cut for lumber and heating and never replaced.

In the early nineties,Vivero Imperial, started shipping and planting Red and Live Oak Trees mainly in private houses and factories. In a few years, they became very popular due to adaptability, beauty, resistance, and fast growing characteristics.

In the summer of 2013,we started  planning the reforestation program CHIHUAHUA CIUDAD DEL ENCINO, that means Oak City. Named by Mayor, Javier Garfio Pacheco,who asked me,to operate and supply the 15,000 trees needed to replace the dead ones.

For the first time in Mexico a very serious Reforestation Program has been established, Nursery Grown Oak Trees 5/6" Caliper Trees,20' tall,fibrous roots,abundant top soil and irrigation system were all included.

My 30 years of experience, reputation and passion for trees, were the main reasons, to choose Vivero Imperial and Carlos Alanis von der Meden for the Job.