Maximizing Your Pest Management Strategies — International Society of Arboriculture

Maximizing Your Pest Management Strategies (#38)

Joe Boggs 1
  1. Ohio State University Extension, Liberty Township, OHIO, United States

Every tree care business has a unique set of capabilities, customer expectations, and pest management philosophies. This means that each business needs to carefully categorize where to put their pest management emphasis.  Tree pests can be sorted into three management categories:  1) pests that are not harmful to tree health or detrimental to customer expectations, so they do not need to be managed; 2) pests that cause serious harm to trees but management is no longer possible or is beyond the capacity of tree care professionals; and 3) pests that can and should be managed and should form the core of tree care services.  Determining which category each tree pest fits is a creative exercise that should be undertaken each year to be the most productive and profitable each season.  This presentation uses real-life case studies to guide participants on sorting trees pests into proper categories to help participants plan their company's overall pest management strategy.

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